Land Bank Fatehabad

Publish Date : 05/07/2022

Sr. No. Land Bank Fatehabad Land Bank Fatehabad
1 Category A Spare/Unutilised Lands of various Departments Acquired under the Land Acquition Act 1894 and enteries made of the same in the recent Khasra Girdawri
2 Category B Evacuee(Custodian) Land for transferring to Governments Departments including Board and Corporation
3 Category C Nazul Land for transfer to Government Departments , as per Nazul land (Transfer) rules , 1956
4 Category D As per rule 12 of the Punjab Village Common Lands (Regulation) Rules 1964 selling of Panchayat Deh Lands to Government Department including Board and Corporation
5 Category E Transferring of Municipal Lands as per the Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 and the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994
6 Category F Unutilised Central Government Land