Title Date Description Address Download/Link
Form 14 for Deletion of name (for relative) from voter list 23/02/2018 Download(1 MB)
Form 12 for Claim and Objection 20/02/2018 Download(542 KB)
Form 8 for Correction in voter list 21/02/2018 Download(1 MB)
Form 7 for Deletion of name from voter list 21/02/2018 Download(1 MB)
Form 6 for Inclusion of name in voter list 21/05/2018 Download(1 MB)
Handicap Pension (Below 18 Years) Form 08/03/2018 Download(49 KB)
Destitute Children Pension Form 08/03/2018 Download(50 KB)
Handicap Pension (Above 18 Years)Form 08/03/2018 Download(51 KB)
Ladli Pension Form 08/03/2018 Download(69 KB)
Widow and Destitute Pension Form 08/03/2018 Download(49 KB)