Disaster Management

Disaster causes at times, sudden disruption to normal life of a society and causes damages to property and lives to such an extent that normal social and economic mechanisms available to the society get disrupted. In such cases, the existence of a disaster management plan plays a vital role. This would help the functionaries to respond to and to also issue directions to the other officials for effective management.
1. Flood

2. Earthquakes

3. Fires

4. Drought

5. Transport related accidents like air crash,train accident, road accident involving chemical or inflammable materials

6. Epidemics

7. Others (like terrorist activity etc.)

Emergency Contact No:

  1. Flood Control Room : 01667-230018
  2. Deputy Commissioner : 01667-230001/2
  3. Superintendent of Police : 01667-230005/6
  4. Ambulance : 102
  5. Fire Brigade : 101